Service Times

Bible Study, Tuesday 07:00pm

Our Ministry Focus

“New Season Ministry” is a ministry set in community to make a difference. It is a ministry working in community to assist people in acknowledging and growing in their day-to-day walk with Christ. The heart of New Season Ministry is based in the following:

Teaching…the Word of God

Preaching…the Will of God

Reaching…a Walk with God

It is our desire to move people into the perfecting “will of God.” We will do this by challenging people to operate in the truths of God’s Word and to walk in the destiny God created for their lives. Because we believe God has a perfect plan for each our lives, we will assist people in moving into God’s will by presenting the Bible as the sole means of understanding God’s perfect provision.

Our ministry is community based and will unfold through personal relationships and through programs that focus on the spiritual, emotional, mental, social and economic health of the community.

New Season Ministry will partner with other ministries, churches and organizations to build a network of resources to provide community based ministry addressing identified needs in the local community.