EFFECTIVE IMMEDIATELY Change to In-Person Services

JANUARY 12, 2021

Due to another surge of COVID-19 cases, we will delay reopening our in-person NSM Sunday Morning Worship Services. We will continue our Services on Zoom and Facebook.

dECEMBER 30, 2021


Great is our God. He has kept us by the power of His mighty hand. We have seen His mighty works manifest in our midst. We are grateful God has afforded us opportunity to meet online, and in-person these last few  months. In our virtual, and in our in-person experiences, we have felt the hand of God touching and encouraging us. He has caused us to triumph, even during a season of adversity.

During these tumultuous times, we have made safety our top priority. In the last few weeks, hospitalizations have increased, we are seeing crisis points in some regions of our state. The rate of COVID positivity, has reached levels we have not seen in months. This Omicron variant, though apparently milder than the original virus, is still causing devastations. We must stay the course as we are being vigilant and proactive.

It is for this reason;  we are temporarily ceasing our in-person worship at the church. The only people allowed (2-weeks) will be those persons necessary to broadcast our platforms. We are considering those people as essential personnel.

I speak forthrightly, in saying, this is a temporary status for our church. During the next two weeks we will reassess our circumstances. I am confident that God will continue to provide us, with what we need, just when we need it. Until then, when we can meet, without masks… let us heed the advice of the medical experts. 

  1. Please get VACCINATED and get your Booster Shots.
  2. Please wear your masks, preferably KN95 or N95 masks.
  3. Wash your hands.
  4. Stay physically distant. (6 ft)
  5. Pay close attention to the latest guidance from the CDC. 

 We will see you online for our dynamic services on Sunday and Tuesday for the next 2-weeks! 



Pastor J

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