would you like to join nsm's Virtual Choir?

Prepare recording

○ Wipe the lens of your recording device to remove smudges, lint, etc.
○ Be sure to place one earbud in (not both) so that you can hear yourself and the music to make sure you have the right pitch/key.
○ Choose a non cluttered background. Make sure you are ok with everyone seeing what’s behind you.

record in landscape mode

○ Stand/sit back a little so that you are capturing your head, shoulders, chest, and some background. Be mindful of what you are wearing. Be sure to stay within the shot/video.
○ Once the song ends, stay still for five seconds while smiling, then stop the recording.

Record at eye level

○ Place the camera on something stable that will allow you to sing comfortably and that will record you at eye level. Start recording with a smile and a few seconds of silence before singing. Please do not record while holding camera.
○ If you are reading the lyrics to the song, make sure that the lyrics are at eye level so that you won't be looking down during the taping of the song.


Make sure there is soft lighting in front of you so you can be seen well (more than the light behind you).

Recording submission

○ Review your video to make sure you are okay with it.
○ Save your recording with your name and upload it. Click the camera icon in this section and submit your recording.
○ Direct link to submit your recording: CLICK HERE
○ You can also email your recording to: rgturner@ameritech.net and koolmomkp@yahoo.com.


November 15, 2020 (This is a firm deadline. It cannot be changed or extended.)

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