Our youth ministry’s primary focus is building disciples of Christ through Gospel centered teaching, small group engagement, and relationship building activities

The youth of NSM will experience the true message, engage in fun activities, make lifelong friends, find the support of caring adults, and learn things that will change their lives. We want to equip the youth with the tools they need to take ownership of their faith in college and beyond.


The Mission of the Youth Ministry at NSM is to help youth and their families be on fire for Christ by providing a fun, safe, and welcoming environment where kids can gather to learn about Jesus Christ and strengthen their walk with Him. We are driven by the Word of God and our love for Jesus Christ.


chasing after the truth in God’s word

relentless in enhancing our understanding of His word

Displaying intense ambition for extending His kingdom

service to the local body/community

All for HIS glory


The Vision of the Youth Ministry at NSM is changing a generation and shifting culture, one youth at a time.


Our goal is to equip young men and women to share and defend their faith in Jesus through mentor-ship, community involvement, and the teaching of sound doctrine.

our thoughts. questions. poems. advice. support. Directly from the teens of NSM

Trusting In God

Trusting In God

Written By: Jean-Paul Ford • Have you ever questioned the things that God has done in your life? Or have ...
How Do You Know God Is Real?

How Do You Know God Is Real?

Written By: Jonathan A. Bridgers Jr. • Usually people need to see things before they believe. They want concrete proof, ...
What Does Heaven Look Like?

What Does Heaven Look Like?

Written By: Renee McKnight • Hawaii, Puerto Rico, Bora Bora, these are all beautiful places that many would consider paradise ...
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